About us

About us

Bucket Truck Escorts was founded by David Gabrielson for Gabrielson Management LLC and is centrally located in Missouri for your transport needs throughout the continental US. Statewide or nationwide we are here to help 24/7.

Our fully-equipped bucket truck fleet is reliable and meticulously maintained, insured and ready to move. Our crews are highly trained in safety and for transporting oversize and overheight loads. Hiring a professional to move your oversized load will save you money in the long run. (GUARANTEED)

We’re ready for emergency situations, or can help you plan a route months in advance. Let us escort you across the country or just a short run, we got you covered.

We can help with traffic control and ensure not only the safety of your cargo, but those people along its path as well. We can help plan the route, and prepare as much of the route ahead of time without disrupting traffic which ultimately saves time during the physical transport.

Our highly trained operators can raise, adjust, remove and reinstall:

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    Telephone wires, Communication wire and cables

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    Streetlights and traffic signals

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    Street signs

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Our teams of bucket truck operators look forward to helping you with your next super load, overwidth load or high load. Safety and having the customer satisfied are our top priorities

What Our Clients Say

Bucket Truck Escorts have helped us out and got us there! I would recommend these guys if you want a snag free trip!

- Burke, Sarens USA

I have worked with Buckettruckescorts.com moving multiple loads. They have always put safety first. I would never hesitate calling David and his bucket truck crews.

- Mark, Tri Rivers Environmental