What We Do

Simply put, Bucket Truck Escorts guides your oversized load where it needs to go, lifting and removing obstructions along its path and then reinstalling after the load has passed. Some states require bucket trucks with any load over 16 feet high and other states are 17 feet. It is usually in your best interest to contact us if your load is over 16 feet no matter what state you are in. Our trucks regularly travel across the country to assist in moving oversize and superloads either a short distance or our guys can stick with them across multiple states. We can lift, remove and replace most overhead and roadside obstructions.

Bucket Truck Escorts generally works for the following industries:
● Oil Industry
● Gas industry
● Construction industry
● Transportation industry
● Electrical industry
● Many heavy haul companies have came to depend on us no matter the industry
● Large boats and Yacht carriers
● Industrial Equipment

For an oversized load to be a success, you first need to properly plan the route and prepare for any eventuality. The key is to find the most efficient route that has the fewest risks or obstacles. It is our goal to promote public safety, minimize impacts and damage to public facilities as well as minimize the impact on the public. If you choose or the state requires it we can escort your cargo at night when traffic is light and provide extra lighting for a safe move.

The route the transport takes needs to be wider than the width of the cargo which means signs and poles may need to be removed, as well as the height of the cargo which would require overhead wires, street lights, overhead signs and traffic signals to be raised or removed and reinstalled. Each state has their own regulation and requirements so it’s important to obtain all the correct permits from each state the load will be passing.

We work with and communicate with pilot cars, flag cars and pole cars to ensure the safety of your cargo and the people around.

What Our Clients Say

Bucket Truck Escorts have helped us out and got us there! I would recommend these guys if you want a snag free trip!

- Burke, Sarens USA

I have worked with Buckettruckescorts.com moving multiple loads. They have always put safety first. I would never hesitate calling David and his bucket truck crews.

- Mark, Tri Rivers Environmental