Our experienced staff of bucket truck operators undergo strict training through our custom in house program exceeding industry standards.

Our professional teams are trained:
●   To raise or remove and replace telecom wires
●   To raise electrical lines safely
●   To remove or adjust and reinstall road side obstructions
●   To raise or remove and reinstall overhead obstructions such as signs, lights and traffic

  • In addition:
    ●   All of our tools are dielectrically tested periodically to ensure the utmost safety for everyone
    ●   All safety tools and safety clothing is provided to all bucket truck crews.
    ●   All Trucks have reflective tape and flashing lights to alert motorist all day or on night moves.
    Bucket Truck Escorts is committed to the safety of your cargo, the public, as well as our own crews and our safety record is a testament to that commitment. It is our goal to not only provide a safe passage for your cargo, but also to minimize the impact to the public and minimize impact and damages to communities along its route.

What Our Clients Say

Bucket Truck Escorts have helped us out and got us there! I would recommend these guys if you want a snag free trip!

- Burke, Sarens USA

I have worked with moving multiple loads. They have always put safety first. I would never hesitate calling David and his bucket truck crews.

- Mark, Tri Rivers Environmental